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What attendees and artists are saying about Seattle Living Room Shows:

“I’ve had the honor and privilege of performing at two Seattle Living Room Shows, and I can honestly say, without a doubt, they were two of the best shows I’ve ever been a part of. The planning and professionalism of Carrie and Kristen Watt is amazing. And the after parties are pretty kick ass too! If you are a lover of live music, this is the premiere venue for you.”Chris Merrill of Merrill, musician

“I love the living room shows I have gone to because they are so intimate, relaxing and fun! It’s like going to an awesome concert with a better-than-front-row-seat, candles and a glass of wine in your hand!I have seen a lot of great artists play in your living room and I’d have to say Catherine Feeny, Sebastian Rogers, Jay Nash and (of course) Daniel Kamas/Christiana Speed have been my favorites! Thanks for always providing such a unique, peaceful environment and getting such great musicians to take part in the fun!” – Georgia Herdener, guest/music lover

“Great people, great vibe, great house concert! I was glad that there was booze, I was glad that there was food, I was glad there was some money to be made- but most of all, I was glad that lots of people were not only there, but listening. The hosts are gracious, music-loving hotties. What more could you ask for?” – Jim Bianco, musician

“This is a house show known to be one of the best gigs to get in Seattle so I’m very excited to do this show!” Selena Garcia, musician – Playing her first SLRS on February 26th!

“Seattle Living Room Series is a blast. The hosts are fantastic and make new people feel welcome. The first time I attended it felt like I knew everyone within ten minutes. Not to mention the amazing talent they book! A real treat in Seattle.” Kate Graves, musician, guest

“I finally made it last November and got to see Andrew Vait, whom I had met in his Hometown of Homer Alaska, It was priceless how welcoming and warm the atmosphere is, and the music they bring in is amazing. What a perfect chance to see musicians on a personal level and you will meet some amazing new friends as well. Consider yourself lucky to get an invite.” – David Arlotta, guest/music lover

“I was fortunate enough to be able to play at a Seattle Living Room Show in January of 2010. At first, I didn’t really know what to expect from the experience… I’ve played an assortment of venues over the years, but never one like this. Carrie and Kristen have a way of making everyone feel at home, even myself as an artist. I was able to share my stories and songs with people on a very intimate basis, speaking directly with a group of people that were there to listen. The night was inspiring to say the least.” Cody Beebe, musician

“A sold out room, a captive audience and no ornery sound guys…what more could the wayward traveling artist ask for? Carrie and Kristen know what they’re doing!” – Jay Nash, musician

“It’s hard to put into words what a Seattle Living Room Show is. It is something that needs to be experienced. And if you are lucky enough to go, you will undoubtedly be able to tell your friends “I saw them in a living room way back when…” Luke Probasco of Wilapa Baysment Studio, guest/musician/photographer/music lover