Seattle Secret Show#4 Halloween Bash 11/2/13

2013.11.02: Tango Alpha Tango @ Seattle Secret Shows, Seattle, W

Tango Alpha Tango. Photo by Jason Tang Photography.

November 2nd was my first Seattle Secret Show. Although the (secret) location was only about six blocks from where I live, I felt transported to some small town where the beer is cold and the people are real nice. It couldn’t be Seattle because I’ve seen every venue in this city at least a million times. And Seattle crowds don’t act like that. They don’t put their phones away when the music starts. They don’t cheer and then actually do it when a singer suggests a dance party.

I truly can’t remember the last time I saw the crowd so engaged at a rock show. It must have been somewhere around 1996. But Tango Alpha Tango, in a beautiful barn of a living room, had that magic. They are bluesy and guitar heavy and singer/guitarist Nathan Trueb’s rough leather voice had boots stomping and people swaying like an old time revival.


2013.11.02: The Comettes @ Seattle Secret Shows, Seattle, WA

The Comettes. Photo by Jason Tang Photography.

The second secret of the night was the soon-to-be-huge The Comettes who slowed things down and brought the mood up to some dreamy, psychedelic, beach housey planes. I predict that within two years no one will believe you if you say you once saw them perform in someone’s living room. By the end of their set everyone was swaying trance-like and for a second I thought our wild little crowd was getting tired.

That is, until The Grizzled Mighty came up and everybody went totally bonkers. If anyone didn’t know this duo before, they will never forget them after that performance. Halfway through their set everyone’s phones were coming back out, but only to take pictures of drummer, Whitney Petty, flying off her throne like it was an ejector seat, crashing back down onto her cymbals with her full weight. The crowd packed in tight around them until the flurry encompassed all of us (singer Ryan Granger even expressed worry at hitting people in the face with his guitar). Thank god there are only two people in this band, I kept thinking, otherwise this whole place is going to collapse.


2013.11.02: The Grizzled Mighty @ Seattle Secret Shows, Seattle,

The Grizzled Mighty. Photo by Jason Tang Photography.

And besides the music, the best part of a late Halloween costume party is trying to figure out who’s in costume and who’s just wearing that. We wound down half indoors and half out, climbing up a rickety ladder and emerging onto a freezing rooftop, looking down on the rest of the party from domed skylights. The ninja, the bomber pilot, the bassist (that wasn’t a costume, just Tango Alpha Tango’s Mirabai Carter checking out the view before the drive back to Portland), all comparing notes about the night’s highlights, reveling in our shared secret.

If you weren’t there, we’re sorry we missed you and it doesn’t have to happen again. Get on the list to find out about the next Seattle Secret Show:



You can (and should) help The Grizzled Mighty via their Indiegogo campaign record their sure-to-be-heart-stopping second album here:

Watch The Comettes’ beautiful performance on KEXP here: or check out their website with upcoming shows here:

And don’t miss Tango Alpha Tango at the Tractor December 5! Tickets here:
Or check out their website here:

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Photo by Jason Tang.

Photo by Jason Tang.

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